Jun 19, 2007

The Human Journey

When I came forth into this world from my mother’s womb, I began a journey along a path so abstract to define but well-trodden to be missed. This is the path that I still tread today. A path traveled by all those of the human family whose limbs and torsos still have the energy to carry them around. This is the path prescribed by the Father of Life in Whose bosom we exist and by whose instruction we do and accomplish projects.
I, like a candle whose string needs to be burnt in order that its glow may illuminate the dark corners of the house, have been consuming myself to extinction. The candle burns itself out. It is an eventuality that one who wants to light his/her house must burn the candle. This is inescapable. In the same way, one who needs to accomplish works that impact on other people's lives in a positive way must sacrifice him/herself to the vicissicitudes of time. Existence eats one away.
Thus, as I exist, I am set toward that dreaded place of the silent and the dead. I am happy that I am now at the prime of my existence-WORKING AT HDA!


Thomas Blaser said...

Enjoy the journey and congrats to your internship. I am looking forward to reading about your accomplishments.

Ijeoma Uche-Okeke said...

Very poetic Mbuso. Go to it!!

Valentin said...

Nicely said, Mbuso!
I like your poetic language!