May 9, 2007

Time management

Who has ever seen people hurrying clumsily to the point of bumping on every one on the way? Who has ever seen a company boss rushing out of his car clutching a briefcase on one hand, and a jacket on the other? Who has ever seen a university student sweating on the edge of the chair trying to calm down because s/he has to start writing the examination for which s/he is late? I have seen all such people at the worst scenarios of their existence, that is, having run out of time!!
Time is a precious commodity. I used to think that time is a finite resource because it is not manufactured anywhere; nobody can ever exhaust hours, days or months because they naturally reproduce themselves! But we always race after time. Why? Time is a "finite-infinite" resource.
Time management has become a buzzword in modern existence. People have to manage their time in order to get things done. If you do not manage time properly you will always find yourself racing in a competition that you will never win! In the modern world, a human being has to perform a multiplicity of tasks within a limited time-frame of his existence. The secret to achieving one’s aspirations begins with managing one’s time. Time is money, as a popular cliché goes.
The concept of managing time has become salient in business life in which company patrons have to make strategies, and implement them within a short space of time in order to retain their competitive edge.


Ijeoma Uche-Okeke said...

I think that one really needs to be disciplined to manage their time. It is one thing that does not come easily to me. Most probably with years and years of practice. It is a great skill to have individually and collectively. But who are we fooling??

Valentin said...

Mbuso, definitely "time management" is one of those skills that one needs to develop both at the work-place and in life, in general.
Today Susan Van Zyl raised a very interesting issue that i had not thought of before.
She mentioned that nowadays "time management" is not just a question of how you (personally) manage your time. In this sense, she said that it is not an "individual thing" any more.
Today your "time management" rather involves the time of other people and therefore the way you handle your time is influenced and dependent upon other peoples' time and availability.
This was really a very interesting observation! I remember you responded to this statement as well.

Thomas Blaser said...

There is never enough time! To be effective, we need to manage our time, but is it not nice to just let things be?

Susan Arthur said...

Hi Mbuso
I think we all definitely have a lot to learn about time management. Janet's rocks and sand was a really effective illustration. Thought your post was great- well written.

Adam N. Mukendi said...

Hi Professori,
Your are right. Time should be managed. But don't forget that time always manged you. Look at yourself. Things in you are not getting younger. Have a look top you naked body and you will realise. To manage time ask for sacrifice. It will always be a fight between nature and future. There is a need of daily devotion before we see the result.