Apr 27, 2007

What is your purpose in life?

Our life has become so routine so much that our minds have become conditioned to doing things almost in an automatic manner. For example, one does not need to work up in the morning and study a health manual in order to decide on what will be best to eat in that morning. We almost converge on the same habit of eating bread, butter, and cakes as our breakfast. Beyond this routine, who has ever asked himself/herself what his or her purpose in life is? Listening to Anton Gollub’s presentation on the Johannesburg Housing Company on Friday last week made me to think afresh as to what my purpose in life is. Interestingly, I discovered from Anton that what I had always considered as my purpose in life in fact constituted my goals and objectives! My opinion is that everyone in life must make someone else’s life more bearable. One must strive to fit into the greater scheme of existence. Rather than search for food, eat, sleep and go to the private house!, we must try to make sure that our lives make a positive impact on our fellow men, communities, and the globe at large. Many people are not alive, they just exist. They buy best cars; good houses, and marry the most beautiful women but remain as unsatisfied as before. Yet those people who started orphanages, for example, and are less materially rich, are the happiest people because they are fulfilling their purpose in life (that is, that of salvaging the fatherless and motherless). Let me take the example of teaching. Teaching is not a great profession, one may say, but there are some people who have been teaching for twenty years, and given a second life, they would teach for another twenty years because teaching gives them a chance to impact on other people’s lives forever. It is therefore important to make sure that all that we do in life impacts on other people’s lives in a positive way. My purpose in life is to commit my expertise to the health and economic development of African states. Hence I have termed my blog "The Developmentalist." I cannot express this better than Dr Azar Jamine when he said that “Business needs to wake up to the fact that just making money is an empty goal without contributing to the betterment of life of your fellow human beings.”


Valentin said...

Dear Mbuso, I am impressed by your post. It is nice that you think in terms of helping other people and giving back to your community: in this sense, sharing your knowledge ans skills with your fellows.
In fact, not many people think like that. In my opinion, "capitalism" at large has created an environment in which people think only in terms of themselves and this creates distance among people that come from various backgrounds and cultures.
For example, this is largely the situation in Eastern Europe now after those states abandoned socialist rule and adopted "capitalism". I would say this is also the situation in South Africa to an extent, so it is in America.
In general, capitalism is the most productive political order in terms of providing people with a set of personal choices.
"Capitalism" is also the most appropriate order for economic growth, on a state's level and on individual level as well.
However, in terms of bringing social and cultural integration among people, it often fails. Despite that, it has proven so far as the best political structure of society and a guaranmtee for the rule of democracy, as Winston Churchill suggested long time ago.

Valentin said...

Mbuso, in this regard, please, read also one of Ijeoma's blogs. I do not remember what it is called, but she also talks about that.
I have also provided my comment on the same blog that she posted.

Bruce said...

Mbuso my believe is that doing good attracts positive energy which may protect one from bad things like falling victim to crime.