Apr 19, 2007


Each day has its own happenstances. So is this day. This day is unique in its own right. It was misty in the morning. The mist decreased visibility so much that drivers had difficulties negotiating their courses past each other on the roads. In Central Johannesburg, cars and buildings looked silhouetted in the mist like a ghost that hangs eerily in the morning air. People looked like moving-disfigured, and limbless torsos. You could hardly see hundred metres away. The accident at the Main Street, in which two taxies collided, must have been caused by this reduced visibility. I did not see any casualties. I pray there were not any. Surely, we need to look before we leap but today there is mist in the air. So we need to look and look before we leap and look again! This is a different day. It needs more looking. As we shall be going to Newtown, are we going to look, listen and learn?

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Ijeoma Uche-Okeke said...

Hello Mbuso, nice to see you trying to veer away from the academic style of writing. Kudos.