Apr 27, 2007

Dealing with HIV/AIDS-related stigma

Stigma and metaphors built around HIV/AIDS have drawn academic and public interest. Particularly interesting is that the severity of the AIDS pandemic has transformed our lives profoundly, and that stigma experienced by persons living with the disease has grave consequences for public health efforts. Stigma constitutes prejudice, discrimination, categorisation, differentiation, and stereotyping. The phobia and metaphorical references attached to HIV/AIDS marshal fear, isolation and shame. Powerful metaphors have been mobilised around HIV/AIDS to reinforce stigmatisation. The word plague, for example,(derived from the Latin form plaga for collective calamity) is the principal metaphor by which the epidemic has come to be known in modern society. This conception of the disease contributes to the resonance of the inexorability and inescapability of HIV-infection. It also produces laxity on individual protection. Such thinking has been fostered by some religious leaders who have come to see the presence of HIV/AIDS as a fulfilment of apocalyptic prophecy. A sign for the end of time and a general punishment for immorality! The conception of suffering from HIV/AIDS as a consequence of immorality leads to the view of the epidemic as a disease of others and thus leads to the rejection and discrimination of those suffering from it. Getting the HI-virus is regarded as a wilful act that deserves punishment.

Another conjecture that has often come with HIV-related stigma is the popular discourse which equates testing HIV-positive to having AIDS yet testing positive points to the presence not of the HI-virus per se but of the antibodies to the virus. Nonetheless, this perception is so strong that once a person is diagnosed HIV-positive, people often see the person as “already dead!” While death may be inevitable for a person living with HIV/AIDS, it is often quickened by the landscape of “social terror” that produces anxiety and stress for sufferers. Metaphors kill because they make people to be irrationally fearful of even effective measures and foster credence in virtually useless remedies such as sleeping with virgins as a cure for HIV/AIDS as some reports say in South Africa. In light of the above, I want to argue that the mystifications and metaphoric trappings that have been built around HIV/AIDS have produced a profound impact on social and moral responses to the epidemic. It is, therefore, important for public health practitioners to deal with stigma because it is one of the greatest barriers to HIV/AIDS disclosure.


Thomas Blaser said...

For this reason I can appreciate the Sunday Times campaign in which HIV positive people tell openly about their experience. I don't know of any one in my close circle for friends and relatives being HIV positive and yet, given the statistics, there might be a high chance that someone is...

Ijeoma Uche-Okeke said...
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Ijeoma Uche-Okeke said...

HIV/AIDS....it is a subject that is still taboo, particularly amongst black people. In my country, a lot of people prefer not to acknowledge it. If someone dies and no one understands or wants to be truthful about the cause of death, it is usually attributed to 'witchcraft' or 'muti'. No one dies of natural causes, naturally. I participated in an AIDS awareness programme at Wits, by some American college students and their professor last year. It was a very elementary course on how to teach illiterate and semi-illiterate persons about aids.

I met a couple of young ladies from the TAC, all HIV positive. It was such an eye-opener and a lesson in life, to inter-act with these women and watch how brave and focused they were. I was proud to be learning alongside them. We need to learn as much as we can about the disease so as not to be terrified by it. We should not be complacent. But I imagine if you have not been touched by it, one can pretend it does not exist.

Valentin said...

Mbuso, what do you think is missing the most in the fight against HIV/AIDS?
Is it media coverage on that issue, education, medical resources, counselling. I am interested to see what you think. Also, read one of Bruce's posts-he talks moreless about the same problem.

mbuso said...

I must thank Ij, Thomas and Valentin for commenting on my blogspot especially on HIV/AIDS and stigma in South Africa. As of Valentin's question, the South African society is still a long way in accepting HIV and AIDS as reality. What is most problematic is that we have different cultures and different explanations to disease causation. The presence of HIV itself is subject to varied interpretations. For example, as I say in the article, some people see the disease as punishment from God for immorality, whereas others, Africans in particular, tend to explain HIV infection as a manifestation of witchcraft. Given the influence of all these, HIV-related stigma will remain pervasive. In fact, stigma is grounded in popular perceptions which tend to negate the ways in which society responds to diseases.
Moreso, HIV to Africans mostly, relates to sexual intercourse, and it is not always easy for some people to talk about sex. Sex is an arcane world. We would rather talk about it in hashed voices.
All these feed into existing problems of fighting stigma.
There are ways, however, in which people can fight HIV-related stigma. I have said in the article that most of the stigma in due to ignorance and fear hence there is need to educate people about its dangers and about real facts on HIV/AIDS ITSELF. The duty is to devise strategies on how we put messages across so that even those skeptical of scientific knowledge come to believe.

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